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About Shicero


our Gods are dead
the Sun has been stolen
Hell is empty
and all the Devils are here


你好, I'm Shicero, and this Patreon page is devoted to funding the creation of my original setting - the world of the DARK ORIENT - as well as the stories set within it.


In terms of genres, the Dark Orient primarily alternate history, dark fantasy, and detective fiction, while visually it is an eclectic mix of roughly 50% Ancient China, 40% Roman Empire, and 10% largely cyberpunk elements.

The Dark Orient takes place in an alternate history setting, when the crumbling Roman Empire turns to cosmic eldritch rituals, far beyond mortal comprehension, in a misguided attempt to restore the glory of Rome. This results in the creation of the Eldritch Engine, a wondrous and terrible construct capable of transmuting human souls into an unstable, yet incredibly potent form of alien electricity. 

Though the Engine is at first welcomed with open arms, and Rome is swiftly rejuvenated, the Engine quickly turns upon its creators and begins consuming the Romans en masse. Unable to stop the Engine, the Roman intelligentsia flee eastwards, and eventually arrive in the fractious Far East at the head of a mass exodus, bringing with them grave warnings of the world-ending threat to come - and the technology with which to stop it.


This Patreon's purpose is to sponsor the creation of the world of the Dark Orient. I currently pay out of pocket while working with talented artists like Sarah Boxall, Omercan Cirit, Liu Shan, and more, and your pledges help me to pay for their services. In exchange for your support, I will strive to deliver quality stories to you, as well as present bonus rewards such as desktop wallpapers and pinups!

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