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Hello Blenderheads!

What started out as a small group of dedicated (and eccentric) professional editors tinkering with existing footage, has grown to a dedicated group of fans and millions of views. It’s humbling to see support from others who share in our fun of playing cinematic “What-if”. Our videos are like tuning into your own “Multidimensional Cable Box”. Ever wanted see Pulp Fiction starring the cast of Star Trek TOS? You Got! Did you ever wanna see Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk battle veteran actor Max Von Sydow? Yep, that’s there. How about the cast of Shrek in Thor: Ragnarok? YES, even that. You’ve enabled our madness and for that we thank you.

But now we want to do more and that’s where you come in.

With your patronage we hope to expand the amount of projects we’re able to add to our roster. We already have one new show ready for launch: “Casting Smoothie”. As well another in pre-production: “The Sevens”. We have no expectations of quitting our day jobs because of Patreon, but it allows us the privilege of more time and adding others members to our team in hopes of make our content even better. I should also mention the T-shirts and other rad merch coming down the pipe. Those that decide to give will be given access to extra features depending on what tier they choose. From shout-outs to commentaries, these are all our way of saying thank you for the support. Finally, a limited few will be given the opportunity to even pitch their own trailer that will be made and released by us.

So what do you say? Ready for an adventure.


More content!
Weekly scheduled releases!
Patron first commentaries!
Possibility to pitch your own video
The love and respect of your friends and family!

Whether you’ve seen every video or just one, thank you. We love, eat and sleep pop cinema. We don’t want to tear any part of it down, we want to celebrate it. Our videos are never harsh criticisms, just jovial observations from those that pay to see the films they’re lampooning. In an era where film discussion is overrun by gatekeepers of “quality”, we see ourselves as the sugar drenched 12 year old in a 1996 Blockbuster Video: Excited to have so much to see.

We hope you’ll join us.
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