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I am on Patreon because my music is available for free and I would like to keep it that way. The first expense I always pay is having CDs on hand to hand out. Your support will help me do the most important thing I can do with this music: share it with the world for free, for fun.

I am a singersong rider.  That's to say that I ride singersongs.  Nowadays, folks might call me a "singer/songwriter," but most of us who have seen a wild singersong in person know the true etymology.

Free Range Folk Rock is my genre, and it means that my aim is to give voice to folks--but also to surprise and delight--to make musical choices that inspire growth and change in the humans that are listening.  It's the genre of the iconoclast, of freedom.  It pays homage to the big lie of free range chicken (most of the time, their "free range" is more crowded than a cage) and, thereby, pays homage to the sticky situation humans find themselves in being handed total freedom and then stuck inside a cage made of "...naked meat and madness."

This music is designed to brainwash you into feeling better about being you.  You are the one who is going to be doing that for the rest of your life.  So, it's worth having some music around that nourishes and builds you--to supplement the music that simply stimulates.

I am an engine, one that was built to make this music.  Taking part in what I am doing, in any way that you can, gives me more time, fuel, and freedom to make this engine large enough to carry any heart into a sky filled with their own discovery.  This music is  yours--it's Folk Rock, at it's heart.  Not even Nothing is going to stop me from creating it.  However, the difference between a fire and the Sun, in this case, is a difference only you can make.
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Remastering Project:

Most of my albums were mixed and mastered by me.  I didn't do a great job, lacking time and experience.  Once this level is reached, I'll have the cash to have my previous albums remastered and I'll release a box set.
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