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Hey! It's me Data Dan (Daniel Whitenack). In the midst of increasing concern over widespread misuse of data and the implications of AI, I have decided to single-mindedly apply my AI, ML, and data science/engineering skills to two things:
  1. Teaching and sharing the responsible and practical AI skills I have gained over time through courses (, workshops (, videos, and podcasts (
  2. Development of projects that align with my faith/values as a Christian and my love for open source software. In other words, software that actually makes a positive impact around the world (!
Your support of Data Dan here makes these things possible, and, in a very real way, allows AI to be used for good around the world and accessible to a wider audience.

How? Several cool reward levels allow you to tailor your subscription. I would like to convince you to choose one, even at $1, so you have access to the Data Dan feed here at Patreon. If you sign up via Patreon, you'll be notified directly when new ML/AI learning materials/content is online, and you will receive exclusive/discounted access to certain content (before that into goes out to the Data Dan mailing list)!

What? If you'd like to go above and beyond to help me do things like travel for data workshops and events, invest in equipment, create custom designs, and pay for my living expenses.... picking any of the larger support levels will certainly help do these things!

I believe it goes without saying that I would greatly appreciate your financial support. I'll say it anyways though. Thank you! I greatly appreciate you joining with me.

Daniel, "Data Dan"
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