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About Anthony Allen Miller

Since 2011 I've been running, an interactive internet radio station trying to curate the best sounds from around the world.

Since then I've uploaded over 600 podcasts containing hundreds of hours of audio, DJ and live sets from artists from North America, Japan, South Korea the UK and more places around the globe.

In 2014 I moved to Tokyo, Japan and continued datafruits there. I was able to meet more artists to collaborate with in Tokyo, like Boogie Idol and more.
Boogie Idol has started a monthly show, and has had nearly a full year of episodes.

I moved to Seoul in 2018 with my partner and I am continuing datafruits here. I'm still really new here but there is interesting stuff everyday. Follow along while I try to integrate myself into the community here.

Each podcast is hand uploaded with loving care. Here are some of the highlights from over the years.

Anyone can sign up to DJ on datafruits simply by filling out the form here.

We try to make the lineup as inclusive and diverse as possible.

If you sign up you'll get stickers every other month like these:

Plus sometimes zines, posters from shows and more.

I will also be posting lots of behind the scenes stuff here, only for patrons to see.
Most of the new datafruits related stuff coming out, you'll hear about it first.

Your money will support me to make more features on the site and curate more content.

Here are some new features I want to work on:
* custom stickers
Stickers that you can use in the chat that are designed by contributors, similar to LINE or Kakaotalk stamps.* studio phone
just click on a phone icon somewhere to call and leave the DJ a message. set up some interface where DJs can access the messages easily. It'll be just like the pirate radio dayz.

* customizable live bar
Currently its pink sparkles for everyone, but it would be neat if each DJ could customize this to their liking.

* new mobile design
The mobile design could use a lot of work and be made a lot easier to use.

* desktop notifications
Get a desktop notification every time someone goes live.

* more user profiles, dj detail pages with all their podcasts
Detail pages of DJs with bios and all their podcasts in one place.
* collectibles
Kind of like achievements on twitch or banjo kazooie.

* create an in browser 'studio' environment
With this DJs won't need to download old broadcasting software like BUTT etc, they can stream right from the browser.

* better video and VJing features
Improve the video on datafruits. Its basically barely working right now.

I also maintain the backend code, an application called Streampusher for managing the datafruits radio. It's an internet radio management tool for running an online radio station that anyone can use and contribute to.

I also DJ, make zines, drawings, and lots of things.

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