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Hi everyone! This is Kimberly, and this is Katie.  And we're A Date with Dateline, a snappy podcast recapping episodes of NBC's not at all overly dramatic series about murder, Dateline.
We love doing the podcast. In fact, it's pretty much all we want to do. But we have these stupid things called jobs, rent, bills, obligations, and life that sometimes get in the way. We're like a lot of you, struggling to get by every month and trying to produce a podcast. And it costs money to produce a podcast! Who knew? There's equipment, software, something called bandwidth, and TIME. Lots of time. And now that we are making more episodes every week, we finally have an editor, and he costs a lot of money! But he's worth it, because he makes the episodes sound great (we hope). 
Regular income on a monthly basis will take this podcast to the next level! Think about it in terms of murder. We're at the level of JOKINGLY asking a hitman that we don't realize is an undercover cop to MAYBE CONSIDER a very well deserved breaking of a  kneecap for us for a 2 for 1 coupon at Chilis. But the level we want to be at is full on ordering a hit for $2,500- $200,000 depending of course on the state and income bracket of the victim.
Our podcast is picking up speed and we want you to be part of the diabolical journey. We know you want more content, and faster. We're talking bonus episodes each month, q & a episodes, our Secrets Series (episodes with Secret in the title)! Sound good? Of course it does. The more money we're able to raise, the more we can focus solely on the show, the more creative content we can bring to you.

Let's think about it this way. With A Double Date with Dateline, you are now getting 8 episodes for free every month. Which we're happy to do for you! But for as low as 2 bucks a month (25 cents an episode), you can help us keep that murder train rolling. Unlike the Chinese bullet train that's barreling down on us like turning 40.

We're going to keep doing the show regardless, because we love it. But we really want to do it better and do more of it, for you guys, our amazing flisteners (listeners + friends= flisteners, the more you know). We hope you'll join Team ADWD! We just came up with that right now.
Yours in contagious smiles, Kimberly and Katie
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When we get to 1000 Parons, we'll be able to do even more, like live shows, interactive Facebook chats, and more! Your wish is our command! We'll be able to take more of your suggestions and you'll get to be an active part of the show!
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