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About Dateline Disneyland

Dateline Disneyland is a weekly blog on about everything going on at the Disneyland Resort full of photos, videos, news, information, commentary and more.

Dateline Disneyland is a lot of fun to write every week but is also a labor of love requiring significant time and financial investment. That's why I'm asking you for help!

So far, support of this Patreon campaign has helped Dateline Disneyland cover the first half of Disneyland's big 60th Anniversary celebration!  And your continued support will help keep the blog coming throughout the rest of the 60th Anniversary celebration as well as construction of Disneyland's upcoming Star Wars Land!  Your donations help support the blog in a variety of ways, including helping pay for theme park admission costs, camera equipment upgrades and service, photo and video software, and all other costs that come along with running a weekly media-heavy blog.

Because Dateline Disneyland is a weekly blog, I'm asking for your help on a monthly basis. By pledging your support to Dateline Disneyland here on Patreon, you'll be helping via monthly donations of whatever amount you choose. Any amount helps and as a thank you, certain pledge levels will be rewarded with some special swag in return*! Of course, you can always change or cancel your pledge at any time.

Dateline Disneyland has been an incredible adventure over the last eight years and with your help we can keep moving forward into the future!

Andy Castro
Dateline Disneyland

* Pledge rewards are currently a one-time reward, sent for the first month of a pledge.

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