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About Daudragoon

Hello. Welcome to my Patreon page. For those of you not familiar with this platform here is the basic idea. Anyone who would like to do so can support my continuing work. Whether that be through being here, or for those who are in a position to do so, through financial donations. These are not required, but are greatly appreciated.

My name is Devon Campbell, I'm an amateur animator looking to get better and make a series. I've always been a storyteller and fascinated with animation as a medium.

Through the support of individuals like you, I plan to devote my time to making an animated series as well as shorts. The amount of time required to finish these is quite large, so through your constant support I will be able to spend more time and effort to make these animations really shine. Hiring voice actors, buying professional level equipment, and so forth.

My heartfelt appreciation first and foremost. Anyone who supports me in any way(even listening to me ramble on and on) gets me that much closer to my dream. Also, for those in a position make donations there are several reward tiers. From weekly updates on progress, to behind the scenes videos. As time progresses I would like to put together even bigger thank you's. Such as, pre-packaged dvds, original artworks or live streams. 

This patreon page will be for my continuing works. Here I will have an updated section that shows what project I'm working on right now, so for those who want to support a specific project they can do just that one. 
Reyn's Legacy is the current project. It's an animated series spanning at least 2 seasons if not 3. This will be a fantasy adventure story. A young man journeys to find out what happened to the father he thought was dead this whole time. While travelling the kingdom in search of answers he is sucked into the epic battle between his Kingdom and a neighboring Duchy. A ragtag group of allies help him on his way, though the dark forces swirling around him might be a little closer to home than any of them realized.
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At this Goal I'll start releasing one free finished art every month we stay here. All art will be based around the current project. :)
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