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  • Process: You'll get to see sketches, wips and more art I don't post anywhere else!
  • Early access on posts!
  • Polls: Vote on what you'd like to see next!
  • Q&A's: Do you have some questions? Ask them in the next Q&A!
  • Shout out: You will get a shout out on my instagram story
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  •  Process: You'll get to see my sketch-line art-basic coloring-shading process side to side with explanation
  • Tutorials: You’ll get to vote on what you’d like me to do a tutorial off, and get to see them!
  • Backgrounds: High quality backgrounds of my pieces!
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  • Digital coloring templates: I will post coloring templates for you guys to use every now and then! You're allowed to post them, but just credit me for the lineart ^^
  • Free print for one patron: Each month, I will send a free print of choice to the person who stood out the most during that month! Comments, fanart, etc. can influence that!
  • Art Advice: Ask me for feedback on your art!
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Hey there!
Thanks for checking out my patreon, you don't know how happy I am to even see you here.

I'm Amber, but you might know me better as daughter-of-snow!
I'm a self taught artist who started drawing digital art in 2016, and who strived to get better with everything she does ever since, so hopefully you'll see my progress throughout your stay.

Don't hesitate to give me tips and critiques, so I know how I can improve and make my art better so you'll get better content!

I hope you'll have a good time checking out my page!

Yours truly,
0% complete
This is a lot (for me) and I'll probably never reach it, but...
I'll probably make yet another tier with:

-Monthly mailed goodies: Every month, you will find a print, a postcard and some stickers in your mailbox! The prints will be decided with a poll.

-Free keychain for one patron: Once again, the patron that's most active will get a free keychain with a print of their choice! One patron is chosen each month!

Aaaand aside from the new tier I'll also give you guys:
-YouTube: Yes, I'll actually make a YouTube account where I will (hopefully) post speedpaints, challenges, etc. This will also include YouTube shout outs for the Red Giant tier and above!

-More content: I'll do much more Q&A's! I might take requests more often too, participate in more challenges, etc.

-Discord: I'll make a discord server and you can ask to join!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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