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Hi, I'm Dave, I'm liberal, I'm autistic, and I'm mad as hell. To deal with my anger, I crochet and I write. Maybe I'll set up an Etsy store for the crochet once I get good enough, but for now let's focus on the writing.

Each week I publish at least one nonfiction story to my Medium account. The response so far has been positive enough that my wife and my student loan sharks told me I should put out the hat and start busking, because my night job ain't making ends meet comfortably.

I write humorous nonfiction, mostly dealing with politics and culture, mostly inspired by writers like Dave Barry, Hunter S Thompson, and Molly Ivins. I may branch out into other topics I feel passionate about, like advocacy for people living with mental illness or disabilities, as I go. Some of my writing has appeared in the BullshitIst, an amateur online humor magazine on Medium. Maybe one day I'll get picked up by one of the majors to be their columnist. Maybe I'll make enough through Patreon that I can just keep writing independently.

Check out the rewards on offer for patrons at different subscription levels. As a Silver patron or higher, you get creative input into what I write next! If you ever had a favorite author and wished you could get their opinion on a particular topic, then here's your chance to live the dream.

Before you decide, make sure to read what I've already posted. And go read my plans for 2017 as well! I'm going to give you a lot this year. Why not give a little back?

Whether you subscribe or not, thanks for reading.
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