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About Dave Beswick


Welcome! I’m a seeker of truth. I am passionate about helping students and adults in transition find the truth about who they are, who God is, why they are here and and what they feel moved to do next. To fulfill this purpose, I’ve created The Journeys Program, a Christian-based online Course and Workbook with lots of 1-on-1 mentoring. I train mentors (i.e., parents, grandparents, guidance counselors, youth ministers, teachers, etc.) to guide students and adults through this one-of-a-kind program.


Patreon is a funding platform something like Kickstarter but with one major difference. Instead of raising a lot of money for one project, it's one recurring tip at the start of each month for all the videos I upload that month. For example, right now I upload 2 videos a week on Wednesdays and Sundays at 12 noon which comes to 8 videos a month. 

Did you know that if it weren’t for patrons, we wouldn’t have Romeo and Juliet, the Mona Lisa, Shakespeare, Mozart or Da Vinci? They all had patrons. I really believe in this ancient platform.

Two Christian publishers recently told me that, according to their research, there is no other online Christian-based college and career preparation Course out there with a Workbook and    1-on-1 mentoring. There are bits and pieces of the Program out there, they said, but not the full step-by-step process. 

If you feel that The Journeys Program and the weekly videos provide real value, please consider being a patron and supporting this work with a monthly dollar amount of your choice. In appreciation, I've created rewards for you (i.e., what you get for being a patron)! 

Your money will allow me to continue creating these videos and making the Program available to as many Christian high schools and Churches as possible across the United States. 
Thanks very much for your support. My family and I are blessed to have you as part of our Journeys community.

Dave Beswick, founder of The Journeys Program

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"When the $300.00 mark is reached, I'll purchase a good quality microphone and headset which will improve the sound quality of our videos."
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