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About David Dean

Welcome. Thank you for taking a moment to see what I am about. My name is David and I am a writer of fiction novels. This career I am embarking on is one of many I have held throughout my thirty-nine years. I have however, for the past year been focusing mainly on what I hope will be my last career. I hope my writing will have lasting impact for those it speaks to.
I am a writer. I always have been. Writing never seemed like a viable way for me to support the things I wished to have in this life. It was something I felt I was good at, just not something I felt could put food on the table.
Like many I have made mistakes on my journey through this life. I have suffered through what would seem insurmountable. I am not complaining. That is why it is called life. We all have struggles and it doesn't necessarily mean others wish to see what you have to say, or does it.
What is humanity? What defines us all as members of it? To be human is to be an animal. To have humanity is to extend expressions of oneself while absorbing expressions of those with whom we share this moment of time in space.
Writing is my contribution to that space. It is my ambition to throw as much of it into the universe as possible. It will have impact, I will have an impact, and I have trust in the world that the needs of my house, family, and myself will be taken care of by those who appreciate it. 
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