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Hi All! My name is Dave and I write educational software that's free to schools, and, well, to anybody else that wants to use it.

Several years back I was in a college honors Physics class and my instructor, knowing that I'd been in software development for many years, suggested I create a software simulation of the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment.

The idea was to give students a simulation of an experiment that would be too difficult, costly or time consuming to run “live”. So I did. The simulation is linked below and it's free to use and distribute. It's free. Take it. Use it.

One thing though: I had asked my instructor at the time to test it and make certain I'd gotten everything right but he never did. So...caveat emptor! And while I still have the executable (this only works on windows), I doubt I still have the source. Which means this program isn't changing.

So why am I on Patreon? What would your generous donations buy?

  • First, there would be my gratitude. I'm currently retired (though that may change) and any little bit of extra is nice.
  • Second, anyone that makes a reoccurring donation will have access to the forums and may make suggestions for other, educational software that I could create.
  • Third, depending on your donation, you may get access to demo and/or beta versions of any new software before it's released publicly.
  • Fourth, I have two monetary goals in mind. If I hit the lower goal I'll work regularly, though part-part time on an educational software project...probably one that has been suggested here. If there is enough interest and patronage to reach the higher goal, I'll put much more time into new educational software projects. In the happy circumstance that the donations go far above what I was looking for, I MAY consider hiring additional staff to make the work go faster. Heavy emphasis on the “MAY” since hiring and managing staff is a job in itself.

But be advised, while any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and only people that donate will be offered the opportunity to suggest new software or improvements to existing software, any and all educational software that I write will be freely available for all to use. It's been my experience that often those who can afford it the least are those that need it the most. So your donations to me will translate into my donations to the world.
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This level of support (thank you very much!) will allow me to work on new educational software (giving extra weight to suggestions for new software from donors) on a part time basis.
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