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My name is David and I love strange experiences in strange worlds.

For everyone I will be producing short stories every other week based on massive worlds I have created. I have several worlds to choose from and I will take a poll month to month to see which stories my patrons would like continued or started.

If you choose to be a patron you will get unique content in addition to the over arching stories. This includes extra art, flavorful prose, audio, or any other content that is inspired by that months world.
All tiers include a Digital Member Card. This is a unique work of digital art created by me with your chosen name on it and your member number! You'll get this Digital Member Card as a PNG. Keep it for future secret stuff!

Current worlds to vote for:
  • Fog Machine - Surreal / Science Fiction Future Dystopia
  • The Blade Approaches - Fantasy / Science Fiction Dystopia 
  • Ancient Moving - Fantasy / Surreal Solitude
  • Origin Station - Surreal / Dream Universe
  • Thousand Year Signal - Science Fiction
  • Animal Conversation Farm - Fantasy / Comedy
  • Cosmic Something - Surreal/ Cosmic Comedy

$0 of $850 per month
This would provide me with much of what I need to live.
This would free me to create more without fear of instability.
Thank you.
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