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While walking through Atlanta's Oakland cemetery in January of 2014, I became inspired to create a massive music project called Triptych. The first phase of the project is to be a program that allows a user to generate a personalized piece of music using any musical idea that has ever existed.

This program is the Platonic Music Engine. I began work on the software in July of 2014 and have made tremendous progress.

The software allows you to enter in arbitrary information (name, birthday, location, etc) and generate a piece of music based on that information. The software then allows you to shape and manipulate that music into sounding like any style imaginable. Right now there are a limited number of styles available but the number continues to grow.

The software was originally intended as a tool for the Triptych but has taken on a life of its own. It's just plain fun to play with. As a user you make decisions and then watch as the software compiles a piece of music according to your preferences. You can shape the direction of the music but cannot directly control what the output will be. There is  sense of exploration involved as you can continue to make small or large changes to the music generating parameters as you hone in on the piece of music you want while knowing that the result is unique to the information you first entered (like your name).

And not only do you get an audio file but you can generate standard sheet music for it or even various kinds of graphic notation.

Within the past year I've also added styles that generate visual artwork, poetry and divination tools. The possibilities are endless and I intend to include all of them.

The software and its code is free and may be shared and modified as desired. Art wants to be free and as an artist and composer I want everyone to be able to use my software and change it however they want.

I devote all my time to the Platonic Music Engine. As of now I make little money for my efforts resulting in my being without a place of my own to live in. Each phase of this project is enormous and will require a lifetime of effort to reach plateaus of usability. For very little money I can have a place of my own to live and the time I need to work on this project.

Thank you!

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