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About David A. Wurm

Hello! How you doing? Welcome to my humble page.

If you are here, then I might as well introduce about my page a little bit. My page is not about all the famous clothing brands and such. Rather, it's a guide on how to mix different clothing with each other so that they don't look out of place! And, I focus on average clothing, rather than grandeur and expensive ones. Why? Because I am myself an average "clother" and I understand the struggle of those who can't afford anything expensive but still want to look fine when they go outside. My ultimate dream would be that one day I can open my own clothing shop, and to reach that dream I need your help!

So there you have it! Have fun and enjoy your stay!
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My first step on opening my own store. Most of it will go into my store funding while a small amount will be dedicated towards this page.
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