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is creating orignial worship music and leading worship nights.



About David Daniells

My heart isn't for this to just be about me. I am interested in pulling together a tribe of creatives to collectively pursue the heart of Jesus and stir a longing for Heaven on earth. 
I love creativity and I want to create a place where creativity can be explored and celebrated. Where people can be empowered in their gifting and use them in a God honoring way.
I am interested in creating opportunities for people to encounter Jesus in their day to day. Its easy for most to connect with Jesus on Sundays when the band plays that one song you love in church and your coffee was made just the way you like it and you are looking fresh. Jesus is after much more than your Sunday mornings and I want to write music that helps you connect. 
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Album #1
Hello friends. I want to write and record my debut album this year. This money will go towards things like:
  • covering the costs of the gear it will take to record a full band
  • covering the costs of an album release party
  • and covering the costs of getting CD's made.
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