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I'm David Gerard, author of the book and news blog Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain, a critical look at the entire Bitcoin and blockchain phenomenon. I also write the music blog Rocknerd.
“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.”

The cryptocurrency and blockchain space is full of hype, unrealised schemes and straight-up scammers. Everyone has a holding they want to see go to the moon, and will say anything that might make that happen. Even the specialist crypto press is, too often, just boosterism and selling dreams.

There's nearly no critical analysis or even basic kicking-the-tyres journalism. My work here endeavours to fill the gap.

Getting quality work out on a timely basis takes effort and resources. Your subscription enables me to continue to write and research on a sustainable ongoing basis. I'm working on the Guardian model: no content is paywalled, and all finished work is available on the news blog.

Subscriber-level patrons also have access to occasional Patreon-only previews and heads-up of stories I'm working on, with the opportunity to suggest angles to look into.

Sadly, Patreon only as yet accepts conventional currencies, via card or PayPal ;-)

I'm also working on my next book, working title World's Worst ICOs. Any crypto follower will appreciate this one.

(I was contemplating a book with the working title Roko's Basilisk, to be on other technology-flavoured scams and the weird subcultures that form around them. I'm totally blocked on this one, but it's hovering there ... )
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