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Ear of Plenty
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Access to my weekly madness in sketchbook form. These are sketches and thoughts that are usually the start of more ambitious projects such as books or films. 
My OTHER Drawing Show!
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  • You have access to my Patrons only stream of consciousness drawing show, where I draw on blank sheets of paper and ramble for 10-20mins. This will be released here on my Patreon once a month! And of course access to my weekly sketchbook.
Behind the Nonsense
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This is for the ones who want to see behind the scenes studio videos and rants about art/life every month. This includes behind the scenes photos and of course all other tiers bellow this one!



About David Jardine


Welcome to my Patreon page. My name is David Jardine.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a Youtube Artist who draws on coffee stains and narrates what I’m thinking in a comedic way.

The support so far for my Youtube channel has been overwhelming and continues to grow. Based on that, I would love to consistently make episodes every week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and eventually, down the road, go DAILY. Thats right. A video every single day.

In order to make the transition to daily, I would like to get a private studio and... pump these episodes out like a coffee doodle machine. 

Patreon is a beautiful thing. It allows Youtube subscribers to donate small amounts each month which can help these things become a reality. This will also help with:

  • Equipment costs 
  • Art supplies

Supporters of my Patreon will of course be eligible for rewards which vary depending on the amount donated.

You can have access to a PATRONS ONLY "STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS" DRAWING SERIES! This is an unedited, rambling drawing show that will be regularly published every week. Right here! 

So thank you very much for reading this far and please take a moment to check out the rest of my Partreon page, sign up and donate so I can continue to draw consistently over coffee for your weekly entertainment! Thank you.

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I can leave my job and create multiple Youtube shows based not only in drawing, but my love of performing and creative experiments. 
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