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About David Kahn

My name is David Kahn and I just graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Recently, I discovered a new talent within myself that has quickly become a passion of mine. Two years ago I learned that I have an extremely rare voice type that is in the 6th percentile of the world. I sought out voice lessons at a private college this past year developing my vocal tone and range, and figured out how to combine my newfound musical knowledge with my current degree to make myself more marketable to a wide audience. With the use of some clever social media marketing skills just this past month, my Instagram (@DavidKahnSings) following has grown by about a thousand people! I have received so much love and support that it has been overwhelming. I want to be an example to everyone that you don't need to fall into the regular routine that the world has made us feel like we need to be a part of. You don't need to be sitting in a cubicle from 9-5 just to make ends meet. A dream can become reality and your passions can provide you with a fulfilled and happy life. Supporting me will not only grow my following and help me to achieve my dreams, but it will also help me to spread this cause to the masses. Check out my videos and please provide me with any feedback you think I should have and let me know how you like them! I would absolutely love to talk to you all and help you to find talents within yourself and how to market those as well.

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