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is creating an artist run apartment art gallery

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Artist, You aren't alone. 

You make great work you are dedicated you apply to everything and no one accepts you.
Why? You don’t know anyone. 

Your work is good but you weren’t selected by the curator aka she doesn’t know you so she likes you but won’t put you in any shows.

 We have spoken to countless artist and they all say similar things “I was able to get this space because I applied for x and blah blah is friends with you know who, but I barely know this curator” and then the connection fades. There is only so much you can do for yourself unless you have support.

So what’s left? Sip and Paints? A live painting show where everywhere is trashed and a fellow body artist painter accidentally spilled red paint over one of your white sculptures?

This is where Davidson Projects comes in a place where you aren't judged by who you know or where you went to school. Whether you are a Yalie or a School of Hard Knocks.  An apartment art gallery that curates according to artwork not forced awkward connections in an opening. 

Here is the hard part, I say we to sound fancy but its really just my rinky dink living room and a dream.  I need lighting, painting, website, web presence, drywall...so many small things that one doesn't even realize they need. So here is where I need help to make this happen.

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