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About Yarrow Magdalena

Hey, I am Yarrow. 

As a queer writer, body worker, celebrant and plant lover I support soft folks in reclaiming embodiment and a connection to nature through everyday magic and ritual.

My practices around folk herbalism, tarot, journaling, movement and creative expression are meant to support a trauma informed and accessible path towards body liberation, self-acceptance and community.

I also founded the web design and tech support agency Yarrow Digital and the DIY Small Business Collective because I love helping folks who want to do things differently in building sustainable, creative and nourishing businesses.

Here is a quick overview of what I am offering:

🌿You can get access to the Wild Embodiment membership by pledging $9/$6/$3 on a sliding scale 
🌿 You get to enjoy regular Daydreaming Wolves episodes with interviews and tools on everyday magic, embodiment and healing as well as regular DIY Business Magic podcast episodes with lots of marketing, design and tech inspiration
🌿You will become part of a community of like minded folks on Mighty Networks where you can ask questions, share thoughts and discover additional resources

More about Wild Embodiment:

Wild Embodiment is an ongoing, long-term online program that explores magic, folk herbalism, tarot, journaling, movement and ritual through the lens of embodiment and reclamation. Twice a month we'll also meet for a group gathering on Zoom to get to know each other, ask questions, practice and share experiences. The program is meant to support you in finding your own magic, voice and power in a way that works for you. You can learn more here: http://www.daydreamingwolves.com/wild-embodiment/

More about the community I host:

Every Patron receives an invitation to my Mighty Network, which you can think of as our own little social media platform for like minded people who want to learn more about magic, self-care and/or small business development. You can talk to each other, see what everyone is up to, ask questions, access the programs and if you like you can also use the app on the go. 

A note on sliding scales:

Sliding scales are a tool for economic justice and my hope is to make this work financially accessible to as many people as possible. You are invited to think about where you are situated and there wont be any questions asked. If you are comfortably able to afford rent, food, debt repayments and transport for example please pay $9. If your budget is tighter you are welcome to pay $6 or $3 to become part of the Wild Embodiment program. 

Thank you so much for being here and sharing the magic!


P.S.: By becoming a Patreon you are giving me permission to share just your name and email with  Mailerlite so that I can give you access to my courses and programs. Thank you! 

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