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About Daydream Software

Greetings traveller, and welcome to Daydream's Patreon page!
You are probably here for our app, Character Sheet, available on Android and iPhone, although we plan multiple other apps for the future.

The reason why we created this was to offer people who like our app(s) the option to show their support, and motivate us on those depressing rainy days when everything seems pointless, to buckle down and code some new features!
Developing games is our passion, and we intend to do so regardless, but we can't deny that tangible support is very helpful (especially when your passion is costing you more than it makes)

  • About us
    • Team: a couple of developers pretending to have a tiny a company and acting all professional; however, the lack of a garage is concerning us.
    • We love games! Mostly playing them, both board games and computer games, but we also love developing them. We've got lots of ideas, but our funds and numbers currently restrict us to simple mobile stuff.

  • Ideals
    • Our dreams are to create GOOD games. Of course that is subjective, but we try to take into account all the feedback you are giving us in order to improve our games
    • We're hopeless idealists: We want to make FREE games (and apps). We love wikipedia and like to think if we do a good enough job, we'll be able to make a living without charging anything - but until that works out, we have full time jobs and even some freelancing contracts on the side, leaving us with less time than we'd like for following our passion :(

  • Apps
    •  Character Sheet: starting as a D&D helper app, we aim to make this app highly customizable, so users can tweak it for a multitude of tabletop RPG games, and even computer games, such as Fallout or the Elder Scrolls series, by creating their own content and automated features
    • Dungeon Master: intended for release in 2020, the app is intended for world creators and Dungeon Masters; this will allow users to create worlds, fill them with locations, factions and characters, create quests and rewards, and generate and automated the encounters that a party goes through, once again, all highly customizable.
    • Genesys: to be released soon, this will be a lightweight app for content generation. Initially, this will be a simple name generator, but we plan to extend it into a highly configurable generator that is able to create characters with traits and ideals, backgrounds, locations, factions, and even quests. While these features will partially be included in the Character Sheet and Dungeon Master apps, we figure some users might want a light single-purpose app for content generation only.

  • Want to help?
    • We'll be working on creating high-quality apps regardless, but if our hobby could also pay the bills we would be able to (and we'd love to) dedicate a lot more time towards development and purchasing more quality assets. So obviously, one thing you can do to help us is donate
    • Share us your thoughts! Feedback is very important to us, and several of the existing features in our app are only there because one or more users requested them. Tell us what you think, what would make the app better, and we promise your feedback won't go unnoticed!
    • Share the game! Not anyone can afford to support us financially, and we don't expect that. Not everyone might like the app, and it's certainly not an app for everyone, but maybe you have a friend who's into this stuff; share it with them, it means a lot to us.

We're a small company, with a small app, so we'll stop our rambling here.
Thank you for taking the time to read all this :)
For any questions, feedback or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us directly, on our Facebook page, our on our Discord Server.

$26 of $72 per month
After some crude calculations, we're down 72$ each month with all the subscriptions we pay to keep developing with fancy tools. Our first ambitious goal is to break even and earn more than we pay! Yaaaar!
This would ensure we'll always continue development!
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