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Access to exclusive content and my Discord server!
  •  wips & sketches
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If you like free to use content and would like to learn more about art..this tier is for you!
  • reference sheets (clothing,poses,flowers & whatnot)
  • monthly set of 3 free to use icons
  • private critique on Discord
  • plus everything before
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This tier is perfect for those who want to customize their blog   but are also curious about the process behind my art !
  • Tutorial requests
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  • occasional speedpaintings
  • patron only live streams
  • plus everything before
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Perfect tier for the people who really love my art and would like their characters to be drawn in my style
  • one monthly colored sketch of your OC
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About Days-e

Hey there,welcome to my Patreon page! I'm Benny :)
I love creating art and although I still have much to learn,I would love to share my art knowledge with you. I started a Patreon page so I can make art for a living and also so I can interact more with my followers and the people that love my art. If you pledge you'll have access to wips,sketches,some cute free to use content and much more!
Thanks a lot for your support,it truly means a lot!

(I'll start posting stuff soon!)
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  • lots of free to use content
  • wips,sketches,tutorials & much more
  • access to my Discord server where you can ask me questions and just chill with me! c:

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