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Superior Person: I post most new publicly anyway, but this is the place where I'll be posting ETA updates for the latest set I'm working on or any other projects I currently tackling. It's small but keep getting asked by people when new sets are coming out, and this is a small way to reward those who support me, even a little bit.

Plus you get to feed my unhealthy perfectionism for my game definitions which definitely makes you a better human being.
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Supercharged: I will use your OCTGN username to provide a special announcement as one OCTGN game of your choosing starts, in order to strike fear and despair in the heart of your opponent or generally to show how awesome you are.  I'll also be supercharging some of your cards so that they display any available alternative art for the game you're playing.

If you select this reward, please contact me with your OCTGN username and which game you'd like to supercharge.
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  • Supercharged (See previous)
  • Customized Reward: Not only do you become Supercharged but you will be able to write what you want yourself for the announcement (as long as it's not anything bigoted or hateful of course) and can also choose for it to appear either at the start or the end of your turn instead of just after game setup. A great recognition for your support.

If you select this reward, please contact me with your OCTGN username, which game you'd like to customize and what message you'd like to display when the game is starting. You can request a message either for the start of the game, or for the start or end of each of you turns. If you change the start/end of turn message, it will replace the default message for you.




per OCTGN update

About Divided by Zer0

Hello everyone, many of you might already know me already as Db0 or DbZer0 on the internetubes, and I've been coding game definitions of CCG and LCGs to play on for OCTGN for the past 5 years or so. OCTGN is an agnostic game engine for tabletop games which supports a significant amount of scripting, something which I use to make the games I develop as streamlined to play and intuitive to use as possible.

My work allows many people to experience the games of times past, as well as discover new gems they never had an opportunity to do so before. They also provide an outlet for people to enjoy their favourite games, regardless of how unknown they might be in their local scene. You can see all the games I'm currently maintaining on my site.

I plan to be doing this for the foreseeable future for free, but many people have come forward with the occasional tip or gift as well as other offers of support since I am not related to the official OCTGN subscription system. Once I learned about patreon, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if people would be willing to support my continuous efforts to update, improve and create new and more game definitions to play online.

This support is completely optional. I fully plan to continue maintaining and improving all the games I am currently as well as release all the others I'm designing. Nonetheless, if anything ever changes and I stop development (or simply stop delivering to your expectations), you can simply stop your support immediately with no questions asked. The support you'll be giving me will be on a monthly basis, which is conveniently usually the timeline in which I deliver new updates.

Any funds I receive I am going to treat as motivations to continue producing the best kind of experience that I can, as well as to fund any of my technical expenses, few as those may be. Finally, depending on my patreon's wishes, there's even possibilities to expand to new games, help improve existing ones or even create entirely new ones out of scratch if people so wish!

$29 of $170 per OCTGN update
If this goal is reached, I'm going to make sure I play enough games on OCTGN each week so that I can provide at least one (or more) games which are interesting enough to watch. I've been already posting such videos on my channel already so you can already see what I'm doing. However due to time constraints, my videos were as sporadic as the time I found to play them.

What this goal means is that I will make damn sure I can find enough time during the week to sit down, tune my janky decks and play enough on OCTGN so as to have at least one game which is exciting enough to watch. I will also attempt to increase the quality of those videos as well.
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