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That you think my work is worth a dollar a month is so, so appreciated. The kitties and I will send you a personalized thank you video or postcard of your choosing, plus a monthly shout-out on my tumblr. You will also receive access to new chapters as soon as they come out!
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Along with my undying gratitude, I will show you pages of my notes, editing and scribbles from the first, handwritten draft of my novel, a page per month. These never leave the cutting room floor, you should feel special! You will also receive access to new chapters as soon as they come out!
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Five dollars is such an incredible amount to devote to my writing.  You can choose a topic each month for me to vlog on, be it a writing question or a personal topic. I will allot ten minutes each month for a vlog with your topic! You also get access to new chapters as soon as they come out.




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About Diana Cayton

My name is Diana Cayton, and I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I started out as soon as I realized that the books that I loved so much were written by real people, and that I could be one of those people, if I tried hard enough.

Now, as a college student in the second decade of my life, I feel like I have a few stories to share with the world.  Particularly, a novel that has been in the making since my sophomore year of high school. The working title, which has rather cemented its self after years of not finding anything that rang more true, is Wayward Soul. It follows the story of a former addict, a future nurse, and a supposed psychic thrust into a murder mystery that they never asked for or wanted. I don't want to give too much away, so I'm making the first chapter available to all so you can see if you enjoy my writing style and get a small taste of the story!

I appreciate each and every one of you who believes that my art is something worth pledging money to. With your support I can keep going to college in the comfort that I have an extra source of income for necessities and emergencies, should they arise. I also have two sweet kitties who thank your support in providing them with the good cat food, the kind that has gravy on it and real bits of chicken.
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If I reach one hundred dollars a month, not only will I be more food-secure and financially stable, but I will be forever grateful! I will start releasing patron-only videos of me reading each chapter, once per month.
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