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About DC Virtual Reality Meetup


DCVR brings together over 1500 virtual reality developers, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs each month for guest lectures, demos, and discussions on the future of VR. Bringing out top VR companies and researchers for for active discussion, DCVR also provides a venue for VR startups to showcase their tech and get feedback.

We started this Patreon so that we could provide the kind of meetup events that this community deserves. We intend to use the funds for:
  • Food and drink for attendees as our meetups tend to be during dinner hours 
  • Live streaming equipment for those who cannot attend in person
  • Web hosting fees

If we can cover these costs, we're thinking about the following (but we want community input!):
  • Virtual reality headsets for permanent demo stations 
  • Promotional materials like Cardboard headsets, T-shirts, etc. 
  • Mentorship programs 
  • More elaborate events to share the wonder of VR with people outside DCVR! 

DCVR is a great and growing community that is driving the VR revolution here in DC. Let's make sure it can thrive!

Stay up to date on DCVR news and events!

Note: The DCVR organizers will not use any of the funds for personal reasons. All funds will be reinvested back into DCVR!
$23 of $250 per month
This will cover our food and drink cost for each meetup, as well as monthly hosting fees for our website.
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