is creating a Download Service for Youtube, Twitch and Soundcloud

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Hey there!

I am the guy behind ddownr.
ddownr started as a cool project before I went to college because I could not find a simple solution to download youtube playlist on the web.

So I created one.

For almost 2 years I have had just a few visitors visiting my site so I didnt really notice and actually got excited sometimes my server was processing files (converting/zipping) for my users.

But just a few days ago I got mentioned on Digitaltrends and since then my site has been going up in the google search index aswell.

ddownr has not generated me any revenue as I do not want to run intrusive ads on the website because nobody likes them. And I cant do banner ads because the only good service that offers them is Google and well... Google (who owns Youtube) is not a big fan of my site :)

The Server use of my server has been going so high, that I cant use my server for personal stuff anymore with a performance that fills my needs and the needs of my projects.

Converting the Videos into mp3, aac and opus format just costs too much processing power that I cannot afford. I really do not want to make these 3 file formats a premium option but if I dont get any help here I might have to in order to get another server that helps processing the amount of files that this service is creating.

Thank you very much for reading.
Marin from ddownr
[email protected]
$0 of $50 per month
With 50$ a month I could invest in better hardware that would allow users to download their content faster. It would allow me to buy another server dedicated to converting videos to MP3, AAC and OPUS format.
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