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About Dead Ghost Pictures

"Nobody move a muscle, that right there is a Dead Ghost."

Dead Ghost Pictures was founded in replacement of Velvet Eye Productions. We brought this pseudo-company to life to help with various ARGs, Webseries, and Film Projects that we create, or bring under our wing. With a bigger and more active team attached, Dead Ghost Pictures will be able to do what Velvet Eye Productions was unable to do, and that is provide quality content to the table, funded by you all.

Currently, with the rework in progress, the projects funded and produced under the Dead Ghost Pictures name will include all of the previous Velvet Eye projects, and new additions.

SOURSALT: Where Dreams Lie
-HooH-: Everybody Screams in the Dark
Arkn: Echo
By pledging, you will help fund our next project "ABANAT", the props and locations for HooH, and Art/commissions for Arkn: Echo. Every dollar counts, and allows us to get that much closer to the goal of putting out quality content worth your donations. <3
$55 of $65 per month
Funds up to four trips to the ABANAT filming location, and generally gives us pocket change needed for filming.
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