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You'll have access to my patron-only feed for blog posts and picture updates along the way, as we build the magazines from scratch. Also, you'll be privy to information about upcoming magazines! This blog comes straight from our Editor-in-Chief, and so you'll get to hear a range of topics about writing in general, to horror writing that is specific to both magazines (DeadLights and Shotgun! Strange Stories).
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  • DL Shotgunners get .pdf copies of Shotgun! Strange Stories at the same time that the writers get their .pdf copies!
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  • DL Shot Out! Rewards ensure that your name will be printed in each DeadLights issue that comes out. When your name is printed, look for it on the inside of the cover, front and back, in big bold letters! You'll be the first thing people see, and the last as they finish our magazine!




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DeadLights Horror Fiction Magazine (and our free-to-read E-Zine, Shotgun! Strange Stories) is a magazine that focuses on new and up-and-coming authors and artists. We have one 'featured author' who is a big name in the industry, and by having that author work with us, we then provide newer authors a great place to have their work read by those in the industry who are excited about new works (as much as we are!). We have worked with names like: Brian Knight, Jack Ketchum, and more (to be announced!). We focus on Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction. We also have Reviews, Articles, and Interviews. In every issue, we even have Horror Comics!

The physical copy of the magazine is a mixture between pulp magazines of the early 1900's, literary journals, and those crazy-cool E.C. Comics! It is printed in full color on high-quality gloss paper, and averages 80 pages per issue. It prints every other month, publishing six issues in our first year.  

One of our favorite parts of our project is our 'The Future of Fear' section. The Future of Fear is a label that is reserved for authors under the age of 18. We feel that giving young authors the chance to work with a professional publication, and publish next to a 'big name' author, is very important in motivating the next generation of horror-writers!

We decided to create a Patreon Account in the early stages of our magazine's development, so we can reach out and get people involved and excited, while also giving our readers, writers, and fans something extra, beyond the magazine itself!
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If we are able to receive funding up to $20.00 a month, we can provide print copies of Shotgun! Strange Stories to all of our contributors, both artists and authors! These authors are brand new to horror, and the positive reinforcement of seeing their work published is priceless to the development of a future author.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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