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About Deadwatt

Hi to all of our lovely fans and friends!! :)  We hope this year is fun for you as it is for us!! For those of you who don't know us, we are a musical tidal wave called Deadwatt. We are from Nashville, Tennessee and we love making music!  But for those who DO know us , we want to say this:

We want to say THANK YOU . We've really experienced some fantastic things over the last few years! For example, we're currently nominated for Best Alternative EP at IndievilleTV ! Last year, we were nominated for “Video of the Year”. We've been the band of the week in multiple music scenes, we've been on radio stations across the US, we've been on Top 30 countdowns, and we've played with some amazing bands at various venues in the south! Not only that, but we’re going to some amazing towns this year to play some killer shows! Our fans have truly been great to us and we can't express our thanks enough. But now, we need you (Yes, you reading this note) to help us with another amazing feat: OUR SECOND EP!
We want this EP to be super amazing, and we can't do that without your help. We have a marvelous opportunity to make this EP sound highly professional. And, we want the new EP to get as much exposure as it possibly can so we’re going to need help from our amazing fans. As most of you know, making an album can be pretty expensive and tedious. And that’s why ..*drum roll** we’re going to be on Patreon for a few months!! We're raising money for

A) Recording, mixing, and mastering the EP.
B) Promotion of the album
C) distribution of physical copies.

Even if you pledge $1.00, you're helping our cause! Those who join pledge will automatically have access to exclusive performances of our New Songs. That’s right. Our new songs can ONLY be heard on Patreon, by those who become patrons!! We have eight to ten songs as we speak , but only five or six will be on this EP! Who knows. If we raise enough money, we may be able to put all ten on the album! May 1st, 2018 is when we will have our first patreon event. We’re going to be promoting this for the next month, so please spread this to all your friends! Remember, new music will only be on Patreon until the EP is released, so subscribe and follow us! Even if it’s $1.00, you’re helping in a big way! But don't think we're going to let you walk away empty handed. We're going to be giving rewards to those who pledge each month! Stay alert, because our rewards will change every two months! You never know what you'll get! We will even be giving away T-Shirts some months! We’ll announce the awards in the coming weeks. We think you’re going to LOVE these! :D In the meantime, we're excited to take you on this journey with us and we can't wait to see what we can all accomplish together! We love you and we hope we make you proud! Updates on the way! 

- The boys of Deadwatt

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So, this first time on patreon and we're really excited to share our music with all of you!  Because of our growing fan base, we think our  listeners are ready for new music! That's why we are working on financing our next EP!!  We need your help to make this next EP SUPER epic. We're going to be putting on shows for you guys here at Patreon! You'll get to see us perform our new music, exclusively here! All our Patrons will be the first to hear music from the new album, so consider yourselves members of Deadwatt!!!  We'll see you soon!
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