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About Dross

Heyo hello!!
I'm Dross, best known as DeadwoodDross on tumblr, and I like to draw odd people and funky critters! Aliens, werewolves, gene spliced amalgamations-if it's got big ol teeth I probably wanna draw it.

I currently have a few little projects of my own that I draw and write for, all with the hopes of putting together stories I can share in full some day! Maybe a comic, maybe some other vehicle for narrative storytelling, only time will tell... But in following this Patreon, you'll be able to get in on that Work In Progress action, as well as whatever else catches my fancy.

For now, my main focus is worldbuilding. I love coming up with small new characters to fit an idea for a place, building up whole cultures and belief systems….making new planets. All in the hope that a bigger story might come into place eventually. Or maybe just a bunch of small ones!Some summaries for my main settings with the most meat on their bones:


Sci-fi Fantasy, Post Apoc.

An alternate history earth, set roughly a generation after the total collapse of global communication at the hands of an alien force. Remnants of this force wander the land- massive worm-like beings called Usem- but otherwise few know the details of what really happened.

Though the world has been set back to mostly city-states and semi-nomadic lifestyles, the advancements of the age before it have not been entirely lost. Thanks to the efforts of a mysterious yet ubiquitous lab known as Viotech, pockets of civilization still exist much the same as before the collapse. Nanotechnology, genetically modified humans, lab meat and alternative energy are all par the course here.Oh and aliens, big green shrimp shaped aliens.

This setting contains: ALIENS, aliens that mostly kept out of mankind’s business, bio-tech, 'god-like' physics bending entities teetering on the eldritch side of things, Advanced genetic modification, green energy!, Nanites, War Worms, and Questionable science labs


Grimdark middle century Fantasy. Think Bloodborne /Dishonored, but less Victorian, more Ice Age.

Not earth, but focuses on humans. Tøndrahel is mostly a single massive continent- Most of which is harsh, cold, and filled with giant animals. Magic is present, but it is difficult to control and not widespread in its use. It is however, extremely prevalent in its effect on the dead; which is that they don't always stay in the ground. Or as ashes in a pyre, or as rot in the ocean.Everyone has different ways if dealing with the dead, and the dead have different ways of dealing with everything else.

Story isn't settled, but stuff in this setting includes: Ugly werewolves, Vampires, Draugar and Wraiths, Demons, Ghosts and Ghouls, Blood magic, An undead tyrant, Half-living metal mages...

Near-ish Future, Sci-fi

Set in a period of a tense contact between humans and an alien race known as the Idul. Among the Idul are a people known as Svanin, who travel from planet to planet to bring back resources, technology and people. Earth is one of these planets. Being one of the most advanced societies the Svanin have come across thus far, they quickly discover humans to be somewhat Resistant to being dragged off planet by force. Though they take a few any way. Story not set, but likely involves working towards an uneasy truce between the two, and exploring this strange red alien planet.

Features: Aliens and Alien cultures, Gods that are Very Real, Sky Colosseum sort of deal, weird alien food, genders, courtship, so on so forth. ALIENS. UNCANNY HUMAN-LIKE ALIENS.


Far? Future Sci-fi, Post Apocalyptic

Earth is gone. Or at least as far as anyone knows, humanity's luck finally ran out and caved to an extinction level event at long last.
Most of humanity anyway.

Long ago and far far away, a habitable system had been found and colonization efforts began in what is known as the Twin Cradle system. In it lie two green planets: Tigris and Euphrates, lovingly named after the cradle of civilization of old. On Tigris lives what fraction of humanity could be saved- rushed to a planet with precious little prepared resources, and a settlement of elites and scientists running the scene.

Euphrates, while habitable, is a harsh places to live. Mostly water with only a tiny strip of land in the tropics, strange organisms, wild tides, extreme weather, and alien illnesses make it a difficult place to thrive. However some people get along there; convicts and dissenters, shipped off to what has become a vicious little prison planet with no expectations of ever being seen again.

Story at current mostly follows a group of people on Euphrates, thriving with the help of a symbiotic 'fungus'.
Setting features: Extreme class gulfs, disproportionate spread of readily available resources, a depressing lack of dogs, a planet full of vicious predators, and two whole moons


Focuses on two worlds: That of Humans and of the Fae. Two planets overlapping in the same space, the veil between these two worlds has always been thin. People and creatures have often slipped back and forth between the two, and odd events were often ascribed to holes in the veil. The openings always seemed to be temporary and ever-shifting, never in once place long. But recently things have changed. Sprawling rootlike creatures known as the Dryad have begun seeping into the human world, and where they do they rip open permanent holes between them. The dryad grow over everything, choking out entire settlements and forcing people to fight, flee or adapt.
Meanwhile, elves are taking this opportunity to spread their influence, invasive creatures are spilling into earth's habitats, and in general all hell has broken loose.

Setting includes: Bastard Elves, magic that’s more like a natural energy source, Three species of human (sapiens, orcs, halflings), living metal elf eaters, magic kudzu, changeling prejudice, and life dealing with a magical invasive species


I have no idea when or if any of this will grow to be something big and polished- but I want to share it with you all anyways.

Which is where this Patreon comes into play!

With your help I'll be able to fine tune my worlds and share them as I go, all while being able to afford the price of Life and Food and all that extra stuff we need to live.Creativity is best fueled by groceries, it seems.
Truly though, every dollar is a tremendous help to getting where I'd like to be, and in exchange I can draw all the little goblins and ghouls the world deserves, so thank you!
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Rent money babie!! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 226 exclusive posts
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