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The Nugget, created by Eric Deadwyler, will provide a vital news service for the Mountain Plateau in southern Jackson County, NC. The local independent newspaper serves the many small communities of the plateau, including Cashiers, Glenville, and Highlands.
Excitement is building as we anticipate the first issue to hit the stands between April 24 and May 1, 2020.

This is your opportunity here to support the work and creative expression of Eric Deadwyler. Your support will help me
  • write
  • do other creative projects (see below)
  • Besides The Nugget, we have many writing projects live, in the works or planned:
and others too numerous to list here.

Who I Am

Eric is a songwriter, musical instrument builder, and a musician and lives with his wife Doris on the Mountain Plateau in a remote high elevation valley near Cashiers, NC. They have recently founded Covenant Cowboy Church in Cashiers, and serve as volunteer pastors there.

Eric has worked a variety of jobs, including retail management and industrial construction in one of the world’s largest construction companies. For about 12 years he served as Director of Education and Science at Florida’s Gulfarium. He has preached (a little) and taught (a lot) in various Baptist and charismatic churches. He is currently teaching himself piano and mountain dulcimer to enhance his music writing endeavors.

The Folks We Love and Serve

 In 2015, Eric and Doris co-founded and organized Appalachian Restoration Ministries (ARM), a non-profit ministry whose primary mission is to provide home repairs and other forms of vital assistance to the financially-disadvantaged on the Mountain Plateau in Macon and southern Jackson counties, NC. One out of every three children in our county live below the poverty level, and it is so hard to watch so many families around us suffer such need... kitchens without working plumbing or appliances, bathrooms without a bathtub or shower, terribly inadequate heating in very drafty homes in a winter climate that (due to high elevation) is very much like Buffalo, NY, and holes in the floor where rodents come and go at will, and unsafe living conditions. And there is so much of this around us!
So we want to do everything we can to make life better for our neighbors. Besides fixing their homes and cars, helping them to find work and get warm clothes and basic home wares, and praying with them, we also want to bring them joy through music. Free concerts and special events for those in poverty can bring hope to the hopeless. And special fund-raising events can help to fund the work that we do. Doris has been introducing kids to their Appalachian musical heritage to open up future doors of cultural opportunities. Even though we are the Founders and joint-CEO's of ARM, we take no salary and serve alongside our volunteers.
You can find out more at

The Words I Write

Eric writes music, poetry, fiction, scientific articles, commentary, and works on religion and philosophy. You can find some of his current work on their blog Violet Willow Emporium™. and on Amazon - .

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At $500 per month, Eric will be able to commit more time to the Nugget (and a little less time at the ranch where he works), and it will cover printing and distribution costs, so we can keep The Nugget FREE to readers and subscribers.
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