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The purpose of my work is to help people live quieter, more fulfilling lives. Specifically, I seek to help people build a quieter inner life by overcoming anxiety, negative thought patterns and other obstacles that keep us stuck in the unproductive mental and emotional habits that invariably lead to loud, messy out-of-control lives. I also help people build quieter outer lives by teaching the principles of peaceful relationships and advocating creative means of implementing them.

My blog and podcasts  a the major channels through which I accomplish this mission. My blog can be found at I currently have two podcasts in development. The first, "The Dean Abbott Podcast: Conversations for the Quieter Life" features interviews with writers and thinkers whose work can help listeners in their quests to quiet and simplify their lives.  "Plain Spoken: Lessons for the Quieter Life" is a more informal podcast in which I speak directly to listeners either addressing a relevant topic or answering listener questions. I draw from the insights I have gathered during my long study of philosophy, psychology and spirituality to address these issues.

Your support helps me to continue providing value for readers and listeners seeking to cut through the confusion of modern life and build for themselves and their families a quieter, more rooted existance. By pledging your support, you invest not just in me, but also in all those who benefit from what I have to offer. Thank you very much for even considering a pledge.
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