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About Dean Ince

Hi, my name is Dean and I am a musician from Maidstone.

My dream is to make a living from writing, recording and performing music, which will hopefully become a reality with the help of Patreon.

I am in several bands which I will talk about a little bit below:


I am the front man in Paperfriend and also perform guitar duties. I write all of our songs and founded the band in 2015 with help from my friend Matt Ladbrooke. We have released three EPs and are currently recording our first full length album.

Any music I release through Patreon will be under the Paperfriend name.

Paperfriend on Facebook

The Ethereal & I

I joined TEAI as bassist in summer 2017. We released our music video in late 2017, a DIY effort that looks incredibly professional and was directed and produced by front man Marcus Kidner.


Side project with one of my
best mates Andy Beck. We have been playing music together for the best part of 15 years and have this project on the go to get our more technical side out. He plays drums, I do vocals and guitar.
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Release an EP in 2019 on CD and vinyl.
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