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About Me
Thank you for stopping by my Patreon Page! My name is Deanna Davoli, and I am a gothic fantasy artist creating Beautifully Dark Art. I have been selling my art professionally for over 13 years, but have been creating art since I was in middle school. It is my passion, my heart and soul and I cannot imagine my life without it. I have been in love with the fantasy world ever since I was child. I had a wonderful childhood growing up in the country where my imagination went wild. I had the simple pleasure of collecting wild strawberries, walking across logs over creeks, listen to the snow gently fall (because there wasn't another sound in the air), building my own tree fort and so much more. This upbringing allowed my imagination to blossom...that, and an older brother who loved comic books and got me into Dungeon and Dragons. I have always been mesmerized by beautiful things, with a dark twist and I welcome you to follow me Down the Rabbit Hole.

Why Patreon?
Your Patreon pledges help keep my business flourishing. Patreon allows me to connect and interact with people interested in my art beyond my social media platforms. I will show you not only my artist process, but also show you personal highlights of my life too.  There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into having your art business, such as; running all of your online sites, sales and social media, photographing all of your products, applying for and attending shows, maintenance of hardware (printers, computers, software, etc), furthering your craft, supplies, research and so much more.

More VIdeos
I enjoy making time lapse videos very much. However, they are time consuming and do interrupt my creative process. Your Patronage will help provide me with the interest and resources to continue to make these videos for you. They will also open the doors to future video possibilities of step by step tutorials, posting tips, etc. 

I appreciate each and every one of you. You have warmed my heart by being here and for your love of the arts. 
You can email me if you have any questions
~ Deanna Davoli
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Down The Rabbit Hole
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 Thank you for venturing down the rabbit hole and for being a patron of the arts.  You are curious like Alice and here is what you get at the $1 tier....

  • Patreon Exclusive Posts  I will offer specific posts that can only be viewed by Patrons (some exclusive videos & photos). It will also be the first place I will be post most of my Works In Progress Photos, Videos, Personal things (like my studio, inspirations, etc), New Products I am working on,  Website Sales & Updates and anything else Exciting that pops up! 
  • I send out Patron Surprises usually one a month. It could be an Original, one month or Sample Products, Jewelry, etc.... Lots of possibilities! 
  • First Dibs on Most Original Artwork
Drink Me & Color Me
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You get everything in the "Down the Rabbit Hole" Reward  Tier 1 PLUS 


  • 1 Downloadable Coloring Page Each Month + Patreon Exclusive Grayscale Coloring Pages. These Monthly Coloring Pages will be a variety of pages some I already have made, Newly Released Pictures & Patreon Exclusive Coloring Pages too. You can print and color these images as many times as you'd like.
  • You are Eligible to Participate in my Polls & Surveys  You get to vote on various themes for me to draw/paint, new products you would like to see me offer and anything else that would call for a vote.
The Mad Tea Party
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You are now a guest at the Tea Party! Sit down with me, the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse and enjoy your treat. This is a great reward for customers who buy art from me throughout the year. We are not mad here! You really get all of this.

You get Reward Tiers 1 & 2 PLUS

  • You get your own permanent discount code of 20% off The discount can be applied with no limit on my website:  Fine art prints, limited edition canvases, jewelry, mugs, bookmarks, clothing and more! 

  • You get a New Monthly Die Cut Sticker & Thank you card mailed to you!

  • Occasional Desktop Background Downloads
The Red Queen's Croquet Game
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The Red Queen likes to adorn her walls with art and beauty....otherwise, Off With Your Head! You get everything in Rewards Tiers 1 - 3, PLUS

  • You'll be Mailed an 8"x10" Signed Print Each Month! This will be my newest piece of art created. If I have not created a new piece this month, it will be any image from my portfolio of art. If it is a print you already own, inform me, and I will ask you which of my previous works you would like instead.  U.S. Shipping Included. International Shipping - Please contact me for an exact quote.

  • You will receive the Patreon & Show Exclusive Glitter Enamel Pin of "Georgette The Witch Cat" after your 2nd month of Pledging. You will also receive any new Enamel Pins when created.
Through The Looking Glass
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You have entered Wonderland again. You get everything in Reward Tiers 1 - 3, PLUS

  • You'll be Receive an Original Drawing each month! ( Shipped Bi-Monthly: February, April, June, August, October, December). These original drawings may range in size but will never be smaller than an Art Trading Card (2.5" x 3.5"). Original Sketch Retail value at least $55. I may create them using, Pencil, Pen & Ink, Colored Pencils, Copic Markers, Mixed Media.  You can suggest a theme for your sketch or leave it up to me. It could be a Fairy, Vampire, a Gothic Girl, a Animal, etc.... my ideas are endless! U.S. Shipping Included. International Shipping - Please contact me for an exact quote.
Is This A Dream?
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Wonderland is too good to be true! A garden of delights and an art lovers dream! You get EVERYTHING in Reward 

Tiers 1 - 4!

  • You are completely in Wonderland! Your Original Artwork is UPGRADED to a Mini Colored Image (Painting, Colored Pencils or Copic Marker Drawing) mailed to you each month! 4"x6" or Smaller. You can suggest a theme for your sketch or leave it up to me. It could be a Vampire, a Gothic Girl, a Animal, etc.... my ideas are endless! U.S. Shipping Included. International Shipping - Please contact me for an exact quote.
  • Plus, You get Everything  in Tiers 1 - 4! Thank you for patronage! Because of you I can make more art! Retail value $150 or more. U.S. Shipping Included. International Shipping -  Please contact me for an exact quote.
  • Down The Rabbit Hole -  Monthly Patron Gift Surprises & have access to Patreon Exclusive posts & Videos.
  • Drink Me & Color Me -   Access to Exclusive Patreon Only posts!  Coloring Pages & Digital Rewards!  Participate in Polls & Surveys. 
  • The Mad Tea Party - Your Own 20% OFF Discount Code!  Sticker of the Month Club! Patron Only Coupons & Discounts. Occasional desktop wallpaper.
  • The Red Queen's Croquet Game -  Mailed a Signed 8"x10" art print Each Month!  

$386 of $500 per month
I have needed a good, oversized scanner for over a decade now. I presently use a simple HP 8.5"x11" flat bed scanner. It is about 6 years old and is not the best. :(
I presently have to scan my art in sections and then piece it back together in photoshop. This process can allow room for error and is also time consuming.  Since I have art that can be larger than 8"x10", an oversized scanner would be a dream come true. With a flatbed scanning area that would be 11"x14" or larger, it would not only offer better quality scans, but also allow me to scan my artwork in one file. The costs of such scanners cost $1000+. I would probably get a used one, but I would need to be at this goal for a minimum of 2 months to purchase the scanner. 
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