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One of the perfect ways to relax after a hard-working day is getting drown in music. Some people choose to enjoy their favorite songs at home while others want to share their music with the others at crowded places like pubs, bars or festivals. But to completely feel the music, some of our friends out there choose to play an instrument. Each instrument has its own story, its own style and beat. And I am truly passionate about piano.

Since piano is one of the most complicated instrument and it is hard to know how to play, you must have some certain practical knowledge. Purchasing a piano is not only about going to a store and just buys whatever the salesman says, it is a decision that takes you times to consider. There are some factors that you need to think about: purposes, budget, brands, types and also sizes. Size is a big matter to piano because the sound of a piano is affected by its size. The more information you get, the more precise your decision is. And in this page, it’s exactly what you’ll get. But it’s not the only thing you’ll get. You’ll also learn about the piano in general, for example effective learning methods, song tutorials, and much more!

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