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About Dean Wesley Smith

Day in and day out on my blog I have been writing about how a professional writer gets through the day. That blog is called Writing in Public.

I also put up various articles on the Myths of Publishing called Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing.  I do other series of articles for free as well, including one called The New World of Publishing. Plus numbers of other books. And I answer questions about publishing, trying to help fiction writers have more fun with writing.

I have been making my living with my fiction writing for over thirty years. I have also been a publisher and an editor. I have written over a hundred novels for traditional publishing and now gaining on another twenty novels for indie publishing.  

Since I make my living with my writing, and I spend a large amount of time doing the helpful articles and blogs on my site for free, it seemed logical to have a place where the free blog could be supported in a very easy way.

So I hope you support the writing on my site if you get any help at all from it. I do appreciate the support and the comments on various articles.  

And I hope in some small way I can help you learn how to have fun with your fiction writing.

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If this goal is hit per month, I will put together a new collection of short stories first published in Smith's Monthly and send an electronic copy to every supporter who has pledged $3.00 and up. The collection will go out to everyone at least a month before other publication. And all supporters will be thanked in the back of the book.
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