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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Daniel aka @deardanielim online, You may find me on most Social Media Networking Sites & Platforms.

For those of you who already know me, you know I have been very active as a ♖Strategic Marketing Consultant ☔ Rainmaker & Digital Technology Architect♜.

For those of you who do not yet know me … .I'm Daniel, a very creative person with a heart for #International #Entrepreneurs, and for the future of education. I create Educational Content, Resources and Solutions for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. 

As co-Founder of the #MCIE (MemberClouds International Entrepreneurs) Community, I desire to help regular folks to become REAL Entrepreneurs, because I believes that #AI (Artificial Intelligence), #ML (Machine Learning) and #Automation will soon eliminate countless jobs.

Which is why I am passionate about introducing & inspire new generation of entrepreneurs who would like to start a business, be successful and make a living doing what they are passionate about too… since AI, ML & Automation will soon rob many people of their mundane jobs, which they may secretly hate and rather be doing something else that's creative, original and more satisfying and sustainable.

I am a believer that Entrepreneurship is the answer to that growing threat for unemployment, underemployment and the future of work, where making a living and staying alive is vital.

I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and have a lot of experience, knowledge, wisdom, insights and understanding about Entrepreneurship and I would like to impart, cultivate and ultimately arrive at a disruptive Business Model for the Future of work, education and business.

What is #MCIE?

The MCIE is an online community of International Entrepreneurs & Business Owners from all around the world. 

Our aim is to be an international mastermind group and think-tank to where our members can feel safe and free to exchange strategies, ideas, stories, case studies and discuss their struggles and solve problems together and deal with questions about becoming an entrepreneur, starting, growing & scaling their businesses.

I started MCIE over a year ago because i wanted to help all those people were going to lose their jobs to AI, Machines, Robots and Automation.

Since then, the vision and mission has grown. Now, we also want to support high school and college/university dropouts. Including the unemployed and the currently employed who hate their job and want to become an entrepreneur instead, dreaming of starting a business and becoming either a freelancer, startup founder or business owner and employer, with the ultimate goal of becoming an serial entrepreneur and investor.

Where did this idea come from?

To be honest, this came from guilt... because I'm in tech and I've not only fired people from their jobs, but I have also replaced them with Robots, AI, ML, Automation and Bots.

As you can imagine,I have a love/hate relationship with AI, ML, Robots, Automation & Bots. I felt I had a moral responsibility to help fight unemployment and underemployment ... especially if I've cause it.

All this to say that from today on, I'm going to take a break from my main business and focus on MCIE in 2019 and beyond, which is why I/we need your support.

Why Patreon?

I would like to invite you to help & support what in the MCIE (MemberClouds International Entrepreneurs) Community is doing to help more entrepreneurs to start, grow, scale and become successful.

We will always working on something cool at the MCIE and would love to share it with you and the @deardanielim community.

In 2019, the next chapter of my life begins, and I would like to spend it in producing more resources and solutions, such as the Daily Show plus online courses, graphics, videos, podcasts and ebooks for aspiring entrepreneurs & life-long students who wish to learn, collaborate, network and be more successful.

I’ve been thinking deeply about the direction of @deardanielim, MCIE & the World … and I have since decided, I'll need to make a mega shift in the way we do things in 2019!

Please allow me tell you more about it now ...

As a modern creator of original content such as ebooks, podcasts, videos, and Online Courses … I seriously need a lot of time & resources in order to produce all amazing pieces of content. And I should mention, it's not just me, but my team and I, together as well.

While, I do wholeheartedly enjoy what I have been doing … and plan to continue to do, as I would love to make a LOT more excellent & even FREE content, … the fact is  however … I/we also need to make a living!

Therefore, we have decided to turn to you, our fans, followers and supporters to help us make this a reality.

I believe we’ve found a solution ... & it’s called Patreon! 

... How can you help?

Assuming you are either an aspiring Entrepreneur or a Freelancers, Business Owner, Startup Founder or Investor in the Future, you know very well the amount of time and resources required to create content and put it out into the world consistently.

It takes serious time, money, energy, willpower, strength, patience and creativity to create daily!

Now, please understand that money is not our goal here. We are looking for support. We plan to produce a daily show online once a day, which we will live stream.

That is the plan.

And Our Daily show is going to be free, we will share it on YouTube and FaceBook as well as LinkedIn.

We would also like to make a weekly podcast which would also be free.

In addition to all the other resources like guides, ebooks, Online Courses, research and social media content, promotions, ads and engagement too.

Please watch the Video we made for more details and a quick summary.

Now, we cannot deny that money is important and a vital resource and tool that would enable us to help us server you better. 

Serving our #MCIE & #deardanielim Community IS my goal.

What Do You Get?

Great Question!

I want you to become a better entrepreneur. 

We don't want you to be stuck in a 9-5 job that you love to hate!

If you have ever wanted to start your own business, but don't know how? -- We can help!

Already have a business and want to grow it? -- Join Us, We can help! Join Us Today!

Here's what you get. What you get depends on your level of support.

Rewards are based on which tier you've choose. And ALL Rewards are focused on helping you get to the next level. 

For example, aside from giving you more access to the community and helping you to connect with each other, we will also give you access to our online courses which we have made with you in mind. 

Online Courses such as:

  • Facebook Advertising: Basic Facebook Ads Course -- (Value: $97)
  • How To: YouTube Advertising: Basic YouTube Advertising Course -- (Value: $97)
  • Email Marketing - Advanced Course -- (Value: $497)
  • Facebook Ads - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Starting a Facebook Business - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Facebook Marketing - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Facebook Re-marketing / Re-targeting - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Inside Google AdSense - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Instagram Marketing - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Instagram Stories - Basic to Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • LinkedIn Ads - Basic to Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • LinkedIn Marketing - Basic to Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • List Building - Basic to Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • SEO - Basic to Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Holographic SEO - Basic to Advanced Course -- (Value: $497)
  • Video Ads - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Video Marketing - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • YouTube Ads - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • YouTube Marketing - Advanced Course -- (Value: $297)
  • Teach Me Online Marketing - Basic Course with Videos -- (Value: $999)
  • WordPress Mastery Course -- (Value: $997)

We will select a few Patrons to participate in each of our course creation process.
You are so important to me, because all my content is made with you in mind.
What you will be getting, depending on which tier you choose, you may get some or all of the following perks:

  • Podcasts - you may even get featured as a guest if you are interested - just let me know!
  • Videos – vlogs, updates and upcoming news, progress reports and lots more.
  • Beta Access to NEW online Courses, my team and I are making.
  • Free Access to paid Online Courses.
  • Mastermind Group Calls.
  • Skype / Zoom calls.
  • Private Webinars.
  • Insider Tips.
  • Behind the Scenes look at what @DearDanielim, MCIE & MemberClouds are working on!
  • Live Streams – Facebook Live, Instagram Live, SnapChat Live, YouTube Live, etc..
  • My REAL results when I test something new!
  • Notifications when we are on a LIVE Stream.
  • Local / Online Meetups.
  • Local / Online Events.
  • AMA Sessions.
  • Private Workshops / Seminars.
  • Special Patreons Only Merch., Parties and Hangouts.
  • Online Events, Specials, Coupons, Ecommerce News & updates.
  • Etc..
You are more than just a member of the audience, or a Social Media follower, a fan or subscriber to me!

... I want to get to know you!

YES … each and every one of you!

We also want to get direct feedback as well as a conversation with a REAL person.
You can help shape my Daily Show, Live Streams, Podcasts, Videos, Articles, Ebooks, Online Courses and the overall direction of @DearDanielim & @MemberClouds. 

We might even interview you and showcase you or work with you 1-on-1.

Because you will be a vital part of my creative process & my intimate insider community!

It would really be impossible to do this and all I do, without you.

After all, I'm making all our videos, ebooks, podcasts and online courses for you & folks, just like you!

Because you are one of my supporters, you could be given free access to some or all of our paid courses as a “thank you” for your help, input and support in making our online courses possible.

The reason why I am turning to my viewers, listeners, fans, followers and community for support, is so I may continue making and producing fresh new videos, ebooks, online courses and podcasts and additional educational content for you and others.

It is my desire to continue giving you tons of value.

Let's make 2019 better!

With your support, I am going spend more time on meaningful work which can positively impact the lives of those who cannot otherwise access me, my knowledge, insights and resources … without your generous support.

The thousands of people who are already following me on Facebook and Instagram will feel the impact of your support.

Your continual support will also directly benefit the current and future fans, followers of @DearDanieLim and the member of MCIE & students of MemberClouds, plus countless of others we have not reached yet!

I would love to invite you to become a part of my creative community!

Join me!

YES! … Join us on Patreon!

And let's make something amazing together!

Thank you … on behalf of my Team & the members of the @deardanielim Community, #MemberClouds and the MCIE (MemberClouds International Entrepreneurs) Community!
We wish to thank you for your support and look forward to working with you in 2019 & beyond!


Daniel Lim AKA @deardanielim & co-founder of @memberclouds

Final Thoughts :(

We will be live streaming on Twitch, which will be where you can find us and where I will be thinking out loud, exploring entrepreneurship and networking with other entrepreneurs.

My focus here on Twitch will be to help people become Entrepreneurs and business owners. (As well as become financially free.)

It is my desire that my twitch channel and stream will be a safe place to learn, make mistakes, grow and ask questions and find answers.

I will be sharing useful information and valuable insights and advice.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know each of you, especially if you are looking to either Start, Run or Grow your business!

Help us become an inspirational resource for International Entrepreneurs here on Twitch!

Be Sure to connect with me here and on LinkedIn

You can't support us = (

That is totally fine, you are still welcome to join us when we go live online and when we live-stream on Twitch, YouTube & Mixer! 

I understand if you're struggling financially, we've all been there. Especially those of us who bootstrap our companies, businesses and ventures. We are the last to eat, to get paid and sometimes we don't even get any pay or income because we have to pay our staff and employees. 

You need to take care of yourself first and as promised, our podcast and YouTube Videos will always be a free resource to you and everyone with internet. 

Supporting us on Patreon is for those who enjoy being part of our community and wish to invest, support and give back or pay it forward. 

We do not want any of our patrons to feel obligated to support us financially, if they are not able to. There are other ways they can help out. 

So, please do not pledge unless you have the disposable income, to do so.

Please do not feel guilty if your pledge is small. Our love for you will not change. You are important to us and part of our community regardless of your pledge size.

Thanks for checking in and for reading everything on this page! I realize it's long and I'll make a video where everything here is read to you. Once again, your support really does mean a lot to me/us and the fact that you have checked out this page and did not just scroll pass everything is truly impressive. The MCIE and I appreciate you 100%.
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When we reach 500 patrons, I’ll hire an assistant to help us grow our community and help us stay organized and focused.
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