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About Deatharising

Hi Darlings!

Welcome to my Page.

Little bit about me~
My name is Helen, or more commonly known as Deatharising. I live in Australia and have been cosplaying since 2008.
In 2009 I started making Youtube videos and have been developing my skills in film making ever since. I spend most my time writing out, blocking and filming CMVs for my channel and creating new costumes for the characters involved. I also do drawing and craft in my spare time. 

Why do I have a Patreon?
I have created this Patreon to help fund my content. You can help me out to keep making more frequent CMVs! I have been slowly working on my channel and have been getting more serious about my video series of CMVs (Cosplay Music Videos). Having this Patreon opens so many more doors for my channel. I can have more access to equipment and props for videos and being able to fund my production so I can produce more!

What will I get from joining this Patron?
With rewards for each Tier you can chose how much you would like to support me each month and receive rewards from those levels. There will be videos EXCLUSIVE TO ONLY PATREON supporters! So if you want that sweet sweet trash content then maybe consider helping me out and receive sweet prints and gifts!

What do I make?
Some of my content include Cosplay photoshoots, CMVs, Behind the Scenes videos, Showcase videos! I'll also be doing Vlogs and Tutorials for Patreon supporters. 

Where you can find me?

Reverse Falls | Counting Sheep

Thanks for having a look at my Page! 

I'd also like to say thank you everyone for the constant support on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Youtube. Your messages motivate me so much and make my day so BIG Thank You to everyone!

72% complete
With this goal I plan to post the next installment to the Billford CMV I posted from the previous Goal stretch! It WON'T be posted on my YouTube publicly. So only can be viewed on Patreon! Lets make it happen!
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