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About Michael S. Judge

Hi, I'm Michael, and I write novels and write, perform, and produce Death Is Just Around the Corner, a podcast with no very evident theme apart from American derangement and the enduring nuclear halo of the 20th century.

I lead a life determined, in large part, by chronic and severe mental and physical health problems, and though I'm lucky enough to have people who look out for me, I don't want to be a permanent and total burden, so I'd like to make some money out of this if it's possible.  Some of those medical problems are covered by insurance, and some have reached a state of such profundity that the only treatment options available are no longer within the spectrum of Western medicine, so even though I do have decent insurance, it doesn't pay for some of the things I need to make any given hour, much less any given day, navigable.  I am, in short, really trying hard not to die, primarily for my family's sake.

I've had three novels published, most recently The Scenarists of Europe (Dalkey Archive, 2016) – the major review of which, in Kirkus, identified one of its episodes as taking place in a city I'd never even heard of, much less been to, in case you ever wondered about the accuracy of literary reviews – and am constantly working on new material, but nobody buys the damn things, so it's hardly a major source of income.  I used to write for newspapers and in other print and online venues, too, but all those jobs have ceased to exist, and the jobs that replaced them – if any did – are done by unpaid interns.

Death/Corner is fun, but it's also a lot of work to research, write, perform, edit, postproduce, and publicize the thing all on my own, and if I'm going to keep doing it, I don't think it can be entirely for free.  All new episodes, therefore, will be posted here, but I'll leave up the old Shoutengine archive, and I'll probably unlock one for public consumption every now and then.

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Thanks to everybody,
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There's nothing magical about the number $750, but I'm working on some major-league guests, and $750 seems like the kind of figure that might convince them to come on.
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