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Access to the Discord, and voting access to polls to determine what we watch next for Let's Watch, Anime Club, and X-ing Y, and what games are next for LMPTFY and Last One Out 
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Hello everybody, and welcome to the Death's Door Prods Patreon page... thing. I'm Dead, founder and editor-in-chief of Death's Door Prods. My friends and I have been reporting on and talking shit about popular and geek culture for years, and we love doing it. We want to keep doing it and make the shit talking even better for you. That's where you come in.

By becoming a patron, you'll be helping us make our ever growing cavalcade of podcasts better. As it stands, here is the current lineup of shows we have that will be helped by your support:

  • Our Flagship Four: Video Games, Comics, Anime, and Movies. These are the podcasts we started with and the ones we've been doing the longest
  • Let's Watch, where we sit down, watch a movie, and laugh at it with you, the folks at home
  • The Anime Club, anime commentaries every Thursday. We watch an anime series two episodes at a time and discuss it, like the fucking professionals we are
  • X-ing Y, where we watch TV and shit.
  • Ranger Rambles. We watch Power Rangers. Like, all of it. And finally...
  • Pitch Meetings, our newest show where we try developing ideas we've had for shows or games into actual theoretical things

With your patronage, we can make these shows even better. We will be able to upgrade our equipment, see/play/read more things to talk about, and make even more shows for you guys.

On top of the podcasts, you'll also help us with our various video series, including:

  • Let Me Play That For You, full Let's Plays of a bunch of different games
  • Last One Out, LPs of horror games hosted by our very own James. He screams a lot. 
  • LOOLMP, LPs of co-op "horror" games as hosted by James and myself (Dead (Hi))

We'll also be able to upgrade the website with new servers, forums, and anything else we can do that you want to see.

If you do decide to support us, not only will you have our everlasting gratitude, you can also get stuff like:

  • A shoutout on one of our podcasts, as well as a mention on a special page of the Death's Door Prods website
  • Access to the Patron exclusive Discord server
  • Voting access to polls deciding what we watch or play next
  • Or just straight up deciding something we watch or play next
So please, head on over to the website and check out some of our stuff. If you like it, please consider becoming a supporter. Anything helps and we will be friends with you guys and/or stop staring at you forever. Your choice.

Dead and the entire Death's Door Prods team.
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