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About Deborah Brown

The Backstory

After losing my corporate job through layoff and relocating back to my home state after being away for 20 years, I decided to take my life in an entirely different direction. No longer interested in returning to corporate America and dealing with the ageism that doesn't truly value the older (female) worker, I instead very much need and want to return to my roots and be true to myself and my values. I have tabled and sacrificed these interests and passions of mine for too many years to accommodate a demanding but less than fulfilling career.

What I'm Doing Now

I have downsized my life and my income considerably. It's a trade-off I consider very important at this stage in my life. It's a healthy one. It also means that I am returning to and finally making considerable time for my first loves (photography and videography) with the intent not only to feed my soul but benefit others by contributing a portion of my net profits to causes I care about.

My Goals

I also want to become more politically and socially engaged. Political activism was frowned upon in corporate circles (unless of course your position didn't differ from the powers that be). I no longer want to be stifled. I very much care about a number of issues. What I earn from my creative endeavors will afford me the freedom, time and opportunity to continue to volunteer for causes and to create works with social impact. 

I have a long bucket list with only so many years left until I retire. I truly feel COMPELLED to complete this list. Many of these items have been on my list for decades.

I really want to ultimately do all of the following, but I need support from and, in some cases, collaboration with others to do so:

(*Sorry, cannot reveal publicly what all of them are -- those details are divulged to supporters of a certain level only.)

Learn more about me here. In advance, thank you for your interest and support!

So Why Do I Need Patreon?

Creative endeavors are inherently unstable. While I have recently completed a three-month course on business planning, have immersed myself in courses to master my crafts, it takes a while for a new business to get the attention and following it often deserves. It also takes many hours -- many more than working for someone else, but far more worth it -- of work to get all of the foundational and infrastructure in place (such a technologies, websites, supporting branding and marketing materials, strategies, etc.) to support it.

That's on top of simply creating the art that artists crave to create.

I need believers in what I'm seeking to accomplish. I need time during the day to devote to all of this without the worries and pressures of maintaining a roof over my head and paying my bills to simply live. I am currently on the hunt for a small home in Maine after selling my large home in NC. My car is finally paid for. I have a few debts, yes, but I'm mostly in need of meeting basic living expenses, some investment in props and lighting, another camera body would be nice, and of course all that I list to hire a programmer for the app I want to develop, an assistant, and investment in studio space. Most of the work I do now is created outdoors, on location (homes or businesses), or in my home studio.

Currently, I also need as much funding as possible  to cover associated expenses and to get this project published .

How Can Your Patronage Help?

Where do I begin? Any amount on a monthly basis will help. It will give me the security, peace of mind, and boost I need to pursue and successfully execute my projects. It will make me more productive because I'm not spending my time worrying about affording my living situation or meeting the costs associated with some of my projects. It will help restore my faith in people actually valuing and appreciating art. I could go on . . .

How Do You Benefit?

The rewards are listed in the right column of this page (perhaps somewhere else on the page if you are viewing this from a mobile device). These rewards are subject to change -- change in ways that offers more that what is listed. I haven't fleshed out all that I hope to offer because a lot of what I hope to offer is project specific.

I have been toying with the idea of providing an image per month of the beautiful state of Maine that I live in that you may download for personal use only. These would be images not published elsewhere. 

I'm also going to be posting behind-the-scenes photos that only Patreon subscribers will have access to (and again, for personal use only).

And a Patron-only feed.

People I Want to Thank for Supporting My Efforts

For supporters who are open to it, I would also publish your name and other information such as your website or cause, etc.

  • Your first name and last initial (or more info) here
0 of 5000 patrons
When I reach 5000 patrons:

  • I will hire a programmer to work with me to develop the app I envision. 
  • I will partially fund the publishing of at least one of my books.
  • I will rent proper but modest studio space for photography, filming, and video editing projects.
  • I will hire an assistant.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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