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I don't think there will ever be patreon-only content here, as I mostly make Arma mods which can't be monetized anyway.
Also I'm not interested in making things for a very limited group of people, and I also don't want to be doing things for money.
The only thing you get by supporting me is the knowledge that you made some guy on the interwebz happier.

It's nice if people want to support me with what I do, as an apprentice money is always limited.
Having more Patreons won't really help me get more work done, unless I get enough that I don't have to go to work anymore of course :D

Who knows. Maybe I'll post some random 3D Model renders here someday.
But if I do, I'll probably post them publicly. As I also post that stuff on my Artstation page.
I've also been making Let's Plays on Youtube for some time (Please don't watch them, thanks).
I might start making something in that area again when I feel like it.

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