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How to live a dream?
To make dreams come true, we need a little more than 'just do it'. We all need customers. Enthusiasts. A network of people that love our work, and the simple fact that we are here. To reach them we 'need to be', be visible. We need to learn to find our talents and our passion.

What is your dream?
Not an easy question. What are your talents? What can you learn? What can you do yourself? What do you need to ask and dare to ask from others? I help people to find their goals in life, the things they are most passionate about, the dreams that burst from their hearts and then trigger through every nerve in their body. The dreams and visions they need to bring out into this world through the things they do: by speaking, by crying, by laughing, by loving, by writing, by singing, by painting, by drawing, by dancing, by acting, by being human beings, just like you.

Life is meant to have some fun in what you do. Your life is meant to inspire and it is up to you to be inspired. Life is not about making money. It is not becoming a slave to a system, that doesn't do what it is meant to do: make us happy. Nobody wants to be just another brick in a wall.
I am convinced life should be about becoming who you want to be. And, life is about giving and paying it forward by teaching and sharing what you have learned or made. People are just free, connected equal spirits.

So what can go wong?
Well, in some way some of us have defined this crazy economic model in which I can get no food, no water, no shelter, no nothing without money. This model imprisons our minds. It lacks creativity. The model says everyone should live in scarcity, work his or her ass off, as the only way to live in abundance. So we are all working our ass off for goals that, very often, are not our own, delivering services or making products or selling them to people that do not need them. We are so busy producing and consuming that we never stop to think, to get the meaning of life. To understand and to see what we are doing wrong.

This is because we know our bodies and minds depend on clean air, food, water, a place to rest and have fun for ourselves and for our loved ones. We feel that there are only a few moments in live to relax and just be. When we are young we depend on our parents and as we become older we have to take care of them. It doesn't matter how rich we are, we simply can't eat the money we earn, we have to produce, and when we do not, we have to consume. So we fear for our lives every second of the hour, every day of the week, every month of the year. To overcome these fears, we have to work. To be strong enough, we need to be healthy and fit. To be smart enough, we need to learn. We are just saving our souls. So by denying our fears and not setting out a path, we become mindless slaves in the system. Bricks in a wall and pricks to other people.

I do not like to see scarcity and waste everywhere. I belief we all live in abundance on our planet. It is just human lust, gluttony, greed, sloth wrath, envy and pride of men and women that creates waste and scarcity on our planet. It is me and you. It is just our fear of missing out. But now as I become older and wiser, I have changed, and I have started to live by the philosophical virtues of prudence, justice, courage and modesty. To me this is now the only truth, my true meaning of life that can turn scarcity on this planet into abundance. This truth is mine and mine alone - although you are welcome to make it yours as well. It is a hard Truth. A painful and honest one. I do not need to be the one, I think, others want me to be. I do not want to be that brick in the wall. I do not want to be that slave to the rythm. The power that is given to me, is not to change others, it is to change me. To live and learn the way I want it to be.

From this day on, and thus in every next day, I want to work for the goals worth living and dying for. I want to work in the service of freedom and equality, to become connected and united. I want to see more happiness in our world. That is why I want to make my dreams come true, by making your dreams come true.

You were saying?
No, absolutely not, I do not want to create a new system that doesn't work. I just want to balance myself. I am fed up with politics, with the idea of one or more Gods watching over us all, or with the idea of enlightenment or illumination through science or the knowledge and experience of a complete and utter all defining Truth. My truth is good enough for me.

As I said, I want to be free and to be human, which means I have to be me. I do not like a system or a big rulebook that enslaves us. Not another system that is easily perverted and faulty and lacking any human feeling. I want to live with passion, to trust people, to give trust and receive trust. To make my own path and help others creating theirs. I am a gatherer of knowledge. I am a hunter for happiness.

How than?
Well I have only just begun. I have three simple ways:

Inspiration Weerwater Walk
I invite people to walk and talk with me every fortnight on a Sunday morning. I like to inspire and be inspired by these people that live near to me. It is my way to think global and act local. So I walk around the lake 'Weerwater' in my city 'Almere' , with the people that accept my invitation.

Tribe's table
I sit down every fortnight on a Saturday morning in the local pub at a table I call the "my tribe's table" to have a dialogue on world affairs. I explicitly chose dialogue in stead of a discussion or a debate. I want to listen and learn from the people that accept my invitation.

Learnworktheater Envisioning Acting Sharing Thinking (EAST).
I recently met a new friend, a scholar in a technique called participative drama. I immediately loved it and I admire and respect her work. A learnworktheater is a safe and active place we create for ourselves to engage in working and learning at the same time. I am now using this theater to create a safe learning environment for participants that want to become better at human being.
In EAST we are all connected in building an innovative future for us all. We are creating a better world by becoming better at human being. It has only just begun and I am excited to see it grow.

And in the meantime?
I am constantly working on new ideas and new friendships and a bigger community. I am developing a media strategy and I am searching for the right means and some coins to reach my goals more effective and more efficient. Because I do not like the world we live in and I cannot deny my body and mind that are in constant need. I am only just beginning to see 'now'. And to create something new, we have to understand what is past.
$0 of $5,000 per month
I want to go into dialogue with people that want to live their dreams but have no clue on how or where to start. I love pragmatism as a means to an end. When I want to reach a destination, I narrow it down to five steps in the right direction. I take these steps,I fall and I get up to try again. After the first five I take on the next five and then the next.

These steps have simple forms. Like what are good things to do, or what should I do better, or who can I ask for help, or what haven't I done yet. These steps include acts such as build a better relationship, pay attention to the people I love - that is my love, my family my friends and me-, do some physical exercise, get into a dialogue, a discussion or a debate to sharpen my mind and do work on what needs to be done. The people that reach out to me get a crash course in structuring and simplifying what they do and getting out the garbage they carry through life like a heavy cross.
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