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Is $1 Too Much To Ask?

There are plenty of "influencers" online whose main source of income is showing others (like yourself) how to monetize or make money online. While there is nothing wrong with this, I would rather provide as much FREE value as I can.

However, everyone has to eat and pay bills right? Patreon allows me to create that valuable free content while still giving those who truly support the vision a chance to contribute. And believe it or not, even $1 can go a LONG way!

My name is Dee Greene and I often call myself a 'creator of good vibes". So...what does this mean?

People often ask me what my "end game" is. To be honest I want to have my hands in ALL aspects of life. I want to take what already exists and contribute to making it even better whether that be podcasts, vlogging, music, movies, art, fashion, public speaking, tech...EVERYTHING! I want to allow my positive energy and creative mentality to impact as many lives as I can while I am alive.

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If you consume any of my content I greatly thank you. It means the world to me that you would take the time out of your busy life to tune into mine. I appreciate that way more than I could ever tell you. However, it's not all about me. Like I said before, it's about making an impact. I don't want anyone to idolize me. I just want to use my energy to motivate you to create the best for yourself that you can.

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If you don't consume my content, no hard feelings. You don't have to watch every single thing I do to support. If you support positivity in any way, your contribution will go towards the overall goal of spreading posivity, unity, and knowledge. Remeber even $1 will go a LONG way. Is that too much to ask? :)

Let's Connect

Whether you decide to become a Pateron or not, I would still love to connect with you and add value whenever I can. Again, I thank you for even making it this far!

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