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About dee Juusan

Hey out there,
I'm dee, and like all children, I fell in love with stories ever since I was told the first one.

As I grew up and learned more about myself, I learned what stories and characters I'm eager to follow, but sadly I found few stories about the topics I was -and still am- really interested in;

Friendship and family stories which aren't for kids, or for all ages only.

And now I'm creating such stories about friendships and other platonic relationships, in the modern world, which puts the characters, just like all of us, in a fair share of struggles internally and externally.

I write for teenagers, young adults and adults about the journey of self, through friendship and family stories by exploring themes of love outside the romantic lens, and in my work, I touch on topics of self-peace and self-harm, kindness and abuse, spiritual power and depression, in all their different mental, emotional and physical forms.

Currently, my main boy of work is Grey is...

You can read the whole story online or buy the physical books (available in pdfs as well) 
This page to support the creation of this story, and the very latest pages from the book I'm working on; Volume 8, will be exclusively updates weekly for patrons.

Thanks for stopping by my page!

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