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Hello and thanks to all my patrons!

I create Tutorial-style Articles / Videos about ECE-related topics (Electronics & Computer Engineering).
Such as Embedded Systems, Electronics & Programming. Generally, it's all about computer-related topics and various technical stuff.

My current goal is to create a series of tutorials that teach almost absolute beginners how to efficiently build embedded systems with microcontrollers using open-source original tools.
My intent for this series is to assume limited prior knowledge and start from first principles to the advanced ones while building up our tools from scratch.

My hope is that many people will consume this content, gain a deeper understanding and build their own projects.

I'm also more likely to publish more content dedicated to other various topics that I'm really interested in. DeepBlue will be consistently updating and releasing free content just for you guys ^^

Again, Thanks So Much For Supporting Me And Being Part Of This Community !
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By reaching this goal, i'll be able to get a nice DSO and maybe a small generator for DeepBlue laboratory. Purchasing the required testing equipment is my first goal.
Then we can get more stuff and I can significantly limit the distracting (display ads) on my website at some point.
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