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            Hi! If you’re reading this, you are probably interested in supporting what I do here. Or you are greatly interested in my motivations and a deeper explanation to what it is I intend to do. Either way, I would like to thank you! Your support through visiting my stream, chatting with me and showing genuine interest is greatly appreciated. If you appreciate what I do and would like to see more, or improvements made, donate to the goals listed here on the site. If you would like to help me personally, there are goals for that as well. Either way you are helping me and my dream.
            I am a 20 something year old who would like to change the discourse of our society. What do I mean? I mean I’d like to change how we as humans talk with one another. I would like to push conversations deeper to find out the true motivations and morals that we have as people. I, like many people, am tired of brushing over the true feelings and motivations of people we see every day, talk to on the street, or online. I am tired of the lie “I’m good” or the “Fine, how are you? Isn’t it lovely weather?” misdirection. This way of speaking diminishes the limited social interactions we already share, diminishes what friends truly are, promotes isolation, and prevents conversations that may need to happen. I believe this is a large contributing factor to depression and suicide in the USA. According to google, there are greater 3 million cases of depression per year in the USA alone. I would like our conversations to go deeper (hints the name Deep Press). I want our stream and the greater community to really connect and to deal with the real challenges we all face and celebrate the accomplishments we achieve. Together we can help each other to become happier people, face challenges directly but together, and enjoy games and life as a team.
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