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so basically, every time i do my show, i get a bunch of messages like this..

.. which is awesome and so nice! and i would totally make my shows longer! i’d do them more often! except that costs money.

..basically, i’d really love to do my show— which often focuses on small musicians, members of the community who have contacted me, and themes chosen by you, the listeners— but i can’t afford $20 a month for it, on top of spending a few hours a week preparing.this is super sad because i love doing this. it’s super fun and exciting and i love sharing music and interacting with you guys. it’s something i wanna pursue as a career, even— the first thing i’ve felt really passionate and excited about as a long-term concept. this is a great place to start but i don’t have the resources.

so if you like my show— which has 1,200 subscribed listeners at the moment— and you want to contribute, here’s a link to a paypal where i will only use the money for a subscription to the website i use for my show. for you, a tiny contribution would be like buying a subscription for playlists and music discovery meticulously selected and presented for you a few hours every week based on subjects, themes and artists you as a community have chosen. anything left over would go into buying an actual microphone so i could do better vocal recording and, maybe, one day, an input board so i could have actual transitions and be, you know, professional about it. but that’s not all— if i had more time for the show, i could even feature interviews, q&as, etc.

if you can’t contribute, that’s totally fine. i love my radio show either way and half an hour isn’t too shabby to get to spend with you. but if you’d like to see it go longer, please consider a contribution.
thank you!
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The show will continue to air one to two times a week for two hours. Hurrah!
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